Makeup Monday: Lancome

Since I'm not only in love with plus-size fashion and I'm also obsessed with makeup, I have decided to dedicate Monday posts to makeup and title them Makeup Mondays. 

One of my good friends works for a Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) beauty counter in Toronto, so she has opened me up to a new world of makeup in the last few months. My face is thanking her, but my pocketbook definitely isn't! Since she works at a major Canadian department store, she usually hears about new products and deals before I do, but she graciously passes on this information to me.  This week, Lancome has a promotion on that when you spend $35 or more on makeup products, you get a free 8 piece gift set with purchase! This 8 piece gift set includes: a lipstick, blush, eye shadow palette, mascara, eye makeup remover, skin correcting serum and choice of a skin care cream, plus an adorable cosmetics bag to put it all in! I haven't had the chance to try out any of the products yet, but they look fantastic. I know a couple things are small (mascara and makeup remover especially) but the lipstick, blush and shadow palette are all full size. Plus, I got these for free anyway, so there won't be any complaining coming from this girl! I think that $35 is a reasonable price to pay to get a promotional gift, I know a lot of expensive makeup companies that require you to spend $50-100 minimum before you qualify for promotional gifts.  I normally wouldn't spring for these kind of deals but I actually needed something from Lancome anyway, so I figured I might as well spend a few extra dollars to qualify for the free gift that would retail at approximately $150! There were additional upgrades that included more product if you spent even more but I passed on these ones. Later this week, I will be using these products and reviewing them to let you all know how great (hopefully) they are!

For more information on this great deal, visit: Lancome
Lancome Gift with Purchase Set

brow groomer & vernis
The two products I paid for in order to qualify for the free gift with purchase were:
- Modele Sourcils Brow Groomer in Brunet which retails for $27
- Limited Edition Vernis (Nail Polish) in Love in Peach Melodie which retails for $16 

I have yet to try out the polish, but I absolutely love the brow groomer. I specifically went to go buy it from Lancome after trying out my roommate's. The brow groomer looks sort of like mascara, but don't be fooled-- it belongs on the brows! This gel-based product adds the perfect swoop of colour to the brows, evening out areas that are more sparse (especially the middles and the tips). I have bought many variations of brow pencils before and I never liked how they looked on me (usually they are the wrong shade) or how long they take to fill in my brows to get the desired look. Lately, I have been trying to rock the thick brow so Lancome's brow groomer in Brunet is perfect for me. I highly reccomend this product for any of my readers who have uneven brows and not a lot of time to make them look picture perfect! 

Ciao for now! 
Erica x 

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