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Makeup Monday: Too Faced

It's that time again for makeup mondays, where I talk about and review some of my newly purchased makeup products! Last week, I wasn't planning on making a post featuring these specific products believe it or not! I thought I would probably feature something I already had and loved, but I received a lovely gift from my best friend this weekend! Of course, my best friend Michelle (check her amazing pastries and cakes out HERE) knows me far too well and brought me home new makeup products that she knew I just HAD to try! It also shows how much of a keen listener my best friend is, because I had recently told her how I was nearly out of one of my favourite face primers (Base Lumiere by Chanel which can be purchased HERE for $42 USD). I apartment sat for Michelle and her boyfriend and took care of their kitten as well, so as a thank you gift they brought me back the 'Beauty Editor Darlings Set' by Too Faced. This set features 5 products, all in sample size which are perfe…

Fatshion Friday: Big Red

Ladies and gents, here you have it my fatshion friday post.. on a saturday! My apologies for the lateness of the post, unfortunately I had no internet access yesterday so I had no choice but to upload it today. Last night my best friend Michelle and I got dressed up and got treated to a VIP experience to watch the Toronto Blue Jays, our local MLB (baseball) team! It was a blast! We were treated to a classy buffet dinner, and I even treated myself to a pint of Sapporo (my new favourite beer)! It was a bit pricey, but totally worth the experience! Plus, I got to dress up after a long and boring day at work so that felt amazing! Please excuse my hair by the end of the evening, it was a LONG day! I'm rocking the 'hot mess' look. Erica xoxo [outfits details] Blazer: Old Navy Leopard Shirt: Penningtons black jeans: TJ Maxx Studded Flats: Nine West Purse: Coach  Lipstick: Russian Red by MAC

OOTD: Great Gatsby

In honor of the release of the new Great Gatsby movie, I decided to put together an outfit inspired by the roaring 20s. I've always had a love for the 20s and was even a flapper for halloween a couple years ago. I love the sophisticated style the women embodied during the 20s and 30s, which allowed them to be modest yet sexy at the same time.  I've never been the type of woman to show off a lot of skin and all that I've got, yet I still want to be considered sexy. I don't typically show off my arms (they're a big insecurity of mine) so this outfit was kind of a big deal for me. I even decided to wear a short-sleeve shrug with the dress, but realized it looked much better and more Gatsby without it so I took a leap of faith and removed it!     [outfit details]      Dress: Penningtons      Shrug: Reitmans        Heels: Rampage          Headband: Le Chateau                                          Lipstick: Russian Red by MAC

Makeup Mondays: UD Naked 2 Palette

Here's a little late Monday post to satisfy your cravings, fashionistas! As promised, I'm going to try and make certain themed posts lately, including makeup mondays and fatshion fridays. I've been a little tied up with work and a few other responsibilities lately so I've been finding it hard to find the time to blog (and shop) lately! Also, I don't really get to dress up in cute clothes or wear makeup most days of the week so that can be a little bit frustrating as well. Today, I'm going to talk about something that I have long desired and anticipated purchasing, the Urban Decay Naked palette.
I had heard so many wonderful things about UD's Naked palette from many of my friends and had even tried it out a few times.  I had long covetted this gem but at the time, I couldn't justtify spending $60 on one makeup item (even if it was a palette). However, the more I got interested in makeup (and wore it more often) the more I realized that it was totally w…

1 Item 2 ways: Floral Leggings

I feel like I might make this a regular occurrence on the blog because I tend to restyle a lot of my clothes to get more use out of them, so here it is ladies and gents: 1 item 2 ways! Today I decided to feature one of my favorite items I've ever bought, floral print H&M leggings. These leggings are fantastic. Usually I have a problem with leggings because they never stay up on me, they're always too loose. I purchased these leggings from H&M last summer in the regular size section, size large. I thought they would probably be too small but they're actually perfect! After buying them it took me a while to figure out what would look good with them because they're such a bold print. The obvious answer is solids, lots of solids. However, I found that blue jean also looks great with them. Here are a couple of my looks! Links for some of the items can be found below, but some items are from past seasons! Top: Addition Elle [can be found here] Jean Jacket: Old Navy …

Fatshion Friday: Summer Lovin'

As previously posted, I was really looking forward to relaxing after a long day of work and wearing cute clothes that don't resemble a uniform in the slightest! The weather has been pretty nice lately and I can no longer comfortably wear pants (it's a shame I know). I took a look through my closet recently and I was so disappointed to find out that none of my shorts fit me anymore. I realized that throughout the winter season my weight fluctuated a lot.. up and down, up and down. Unfortunately toward the end of the semester it was an uphill battle and I wasn't able to maintain the weight I lost.  As a result, I have ended up in dresses and skirts a lot this week because let's face it.. they're usually pretty forgiving! Also, I bought this new faux peplum top from Addition Elle last weekend [found here] and I was so excited to wear it! Peplum also tends to be pretty forgiving and hides my problem areas quite well and so does black, so for a girl who has been lackin…

Self-Esteem and Sexism

Hello lovelies! I hope you all had a great week! I had a busy week getting in to the swing of things at work again.  As much as I love my summer job, I hate it because I no longer get to work in an office. I work in landscaping so I have a horrid work uniform.. actually it's not all that bad. Ultimately, a blue t-shirt with the company logo on it and then black/grey pants and big steel-toe boots but HONEY, let's face it, those aren't the most flattering on a plus size woman! I often get called "butch" or "lesbian" or my favourite, a combination of the two "butch lesbian" or "BL" from many of my male co-workers.. not the look. It kind of beats down on my self-confidence and strikes a nerve because of how ABSOLUTELY STEREOTYPICAL these comments are. I personally identify as straight but I have so so so many gay friends (girls included) that is just NOT okay.
Not only this, but my co-workers are usually very sexist and patriarchal and …

OOTD: Sunday Tea

A couple of days ago I left the city for a bit and decided to visit my mom for a visit and a bit of shopping. I knew I would have to take the bus home so I wanted to wear something casual yet cute in case I any cuties happened to come sit by me! (I'm a single girl, what can I say?)
I decided to go out of my comfort zone a bit here and try something I never had before, collared shirts and cardigans! I often try to avoid button up blouses because they rarely fit me properly (they usually fit everywhere but the bust so I have to go up a few sizes.. then I lose the proper fit!) I also wasn't sure if my colour choices were too out there but I think it ended up looking nice! Definitely will try this combo again with other cardigans and shirts to get a cute but casual look! [outfit details] Blouse: Penningtons Cardigan: Ricki's Jeans: Ricki's Flats: Faded Glory by Walmart Bangles: Penningtons Sunnies: American Eagle Outfitters Lipstick: Vibrant Mandarin by Maybelline

OOTD: Orange Creamsicle

As some of you may know, I went on a mini vacation with my mom a few weekends ago to Buffalo to check out some great deals and get some things I can't buy in Canada. Plus, this was the perfect opportunity for us to celebrate my graduation from university and acceptance for fall 2013 to my masters program! Somehow, I always try and save a good chunk of money for TORRID but we never go there first, so I usually don't have much money to spend there. This is unfortunate because their shipping rate to Canada is pretty steep, so I've never bought anything online from them. Regardless, I had a great time and found many many deals at other stores, including: Old Navy, Nine West, Burlington Coat Factory, TJ Max, Target and Lane Bryant.
On this night, my mom and I went out for dinner and drinks to celebrate my graduation, so naturally I had to get all dressed up for a mini photo shoot in the hotel room. Strangely enough, the hotel walls were a similar colour orange, so I kind of bl…

Busy Bee: Update

Hello lovelies! I hope you all are having a fantastic week, either working, going to school or relaxing! I myself have been working like a madwoman over the last week at my summer job where I do landscaping (7AM starts aren't the most fun). I have a future post up myself about my job in terms of feminism and equality that perhaps I will post for your enjoyment tomorrow!
Anyway, I've been super wrapped up in work so I haven't had that much time to update or blog lately because unfortunately for me, blogging is not my job (yet?).. Also, I haven't really gotten into a routine yet, except for the fact that I'm up so early. Since I'm up so early though, I usually pass out and have a nap when I get home and then lose all track of time! Needless to say, I plan on getting back into the swing of things in the next week or so and hope to do a few blog posts a week, if not on most days. I really want to do a "FATSHION FRIDAY" post featuring new outfits and &quo…