Makeup Monday: Too Faced

It's that time again for makeup mondays, where I talk about and review some of my newly purchased makeup products! Last week, I wasn't planning on making a post featuring these specific products believe it or not! I thought I would probably feature something I already had and loved, but I received a lovely gift from my best friend this weekend! Of course, my best friend Michelle (check her amazing pastries and cakes out HERE) knows me far too well and brought me home new makeup products that she knew I just HAD to try! It also shows how much of a keen listener my best friend is, because I had recently told her how I was nearly out of one of my favourite face primers (Base Lumiere by Chanel which can be purchased HERE for $42 USD). I apartment sat for Michelle and her boyfriend and took care of their kitten as well, so as a thank you gift they brought me back the 'Beauty Editor Darlings Set' by Too Faced. This set features 5 products, all in sample size which are perfect for testing the waters and for traveling! Purchasable from Sephora for $19 USD or $25 CAN.

1) 0.13 oz. Deluxe Lashgasm Mascara
2) 0.17 oz. Deluxe Shadow Insurance Anti-Crease Eye Shadow Primer
3) 0.10 oz. Deluxe Glamour Gloss Volumizing Lip Gloss in 'Sexpot'
4) 0.12 oz. Deluxe Lip Insurance Smoothing Anti-Feathering Lip Primer
5) 0.17 oz. Deluxe Primed and Poreless Skin Smoothing Face Primer

I have still yet to try #1 or #3 but I'm looking forward to trying them soon! 

#2: I applied this product conservatively because I didn't want to waste too much, but I wish I applied it more liberally. My mistake was also that I applied it mostly to the lower lid and crease, not the upper lid directly under the eyebrow because the makeup on my left lid came off part-way through the day. So far, I would rate this product a 7/10. 

#4: I absolutely LOVE this lip primer. Usually, I just put concealer on my lips to hold in colour, but this product works wonders. I put my lipstick, Vegas Volt (deep coral) by MAC on around 2 PM yesterday and it lasted until 9 PM even while I played baseball. Now that's a miracle! I definitely give this product a 10/10! 

#5: The face primer is pretty good, it's got a tint in it, which most primers don't have, so you're supposed to be able to use it to fix up blemishes and minimize pores without the use of foundation, BB creams or concealers if you have nice skin. Although my skin is pretty even, I wasn't able to use it on its own and had to cover up with BB cream, pressed powder and bronzer. However, I love the silky consistency and how long it made my makeup last! For now, I will give this product a rating of 8/10 but I think it has great potential to become my new favourite face primer as long as I can apply it more liberally from now on!

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