Makeup Mondays: UD Naked 2 Palette

Here's a little late Monday post to satisfy your cravings, fashionistas! As promised, I'm going to try and make certain themed posts lately, including makeup mondays and fatshion fridays. I've been a little tied up with work and a few other responsibilities lately so I've been finding it hard to find the time to blog (and shop) lately! Also, I don't really get to dress up in cute clothes or wear makeup most days of the week so that can be a little bit frustrating as well. Today, I'm going to talk about something that I have long desired and anticipated purchasing, the Urban Decay Naked palette.

I had heard so many wonderful things about UD's Naked palette from many of my friends and had even tried it out a few times.  I had long covetted this gem but at the time, I couldn't justtify spending $60 on one makeup item (even if it was a palette). However, the more I got interested in makeup (and wore it more often) the more I realized that it was totally worth it. Let me be the first to say, I would definitely not consider spending $60 on a palette full of bright hues and colours that are designed for more adventurous individuals, or that would contribute merely to a night-time look. However, for something I wear nearly everyday, I can totally justify spending that on such a staple piece.. it's like the LBD of eyeshadows ladies! I knew the quality of the product was good (perfect about of pigmentation, no problems with allergies because of ingredients, etc), so I jumped for it.  Next, I had to take into consideration which of the two palettes I wanted to purchase because let's face it $60 isn't all that cheap. I ended up purchasing the palette from Sephora in the USA for $50 and I had a beauty insiders coupon as well for 15% off, so I got it for $42.. a bargain! After much of a debate, I decided to go with the Naked 2 palette because I personally liked the colours better. Below is a short pros and cons list for why I personally, chose the Naked 2 over the Naked palette. My opinions are strictly my own, and may not reflect the general consensus of consumers.

Purchasable here:
- snap shut
- less bulky
- more matte colours
- comes with lid primer
- smaller mirror
- does not close as well (snap vs. tin)
- no black
Naked 2
- tin (tighter seal)
- larger mirror
- has a black shade
- more neutrals
- bulkier 
- personally don't like lip plumper (free product)

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