Self-Esteem and Sexism

Hello lovelies! I hope you all had a great week! I had a busy week getting in to the swing of things at work again.  As much as I love my summer job, I hate it because I no longer get to work in an office. I work in landscaping so I have a horrid work uniform.. actually it's not all that bad. Ultimately, a blue t-shirt with the company logo on it and then black/grey pants and big steel-toe boots but HONEY, let's face it, those aren't the most flattering on a plus size woman! I often get called "butch" or "lesbian" or my favourite, a combination of the two "butch lesbian" or "BL" from many of my male co-workers.. not the look. It kind of beats down on my self-confidence and strikes a nerve because of how ABSOLUTELY STEREOTYPICAL these comments are. I personally identify as straight but I have so so so many gay friends (girls included) that is just NOT okay.

Not only this, but my co-workers are usually very sexist and patriarchal and think that only men can do the physical labor required for the job. They usually have the girls sit in the truck while the men do the work, or have the girls do the sissy work. However, as a strong and fit woman I KNOW that I can lift, carry and do just as much work as the men on my crew can. Every year I ask to be put on maintenance but I am always turned down (until this year... horray!). I've never been very much of a feminist but this seriously irks me!

To top it all off I don't get to wear cute clothes on most days and I usually come home pretty dirty! Seriously, TGIF because now I get to look cute allllll weekend!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone, I know I will!
Erica xoxo

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