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Fatshion Friday: Neutral Colorblock

It's that time again ladies and gents... Fatshion Friday! I've had to skip the last couple of Friday posts because of other engagements. Look out, I'm expanding my empire! More to come about some of the projects I'm working, including my experience at and review of SexyPlus Clothing in Toronto and my involvement at the International Fuller Woman Expo. I will be updating a lot this week with all of these new experiences under my belt. For now, I will focus on my 'Fatshion Friday' post, but stay tuned!
This past Monday was my university graduation, an important milestone in my life that I knew I couldn't miss.. or miss the opportunity of looking great at.  Graduations often draw in a lot of family, and you know what family means, LOTS of pictures! I like to think I'm a natural in front of the camera and I love being in the spotlight, so I thrive in situations like these. However, I knew in order to work the camera, I had to look good from all angles and …