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Makeup Monday: Essential Products

It's that time of the week again, Makeup Mondays and this week I actually have something to share with you all! I'm going to start off by saying that I have recently started experimenting with my makeup and trying new techniques I had difficulty with before, and I've actually had a bit of success doing so!
I had a woman approach me on the subway last week and ask me how I learned how to do my makeup. She asked me a lot of questions about different products, techniques, colour palettes and brushes. I explained to her that I taught myself how to do my own makeup, but received a few tips from my roommate who studies cosmetology in college.  I also expressed how the quality of the products used can really make a difference.
Usually I purchase a lot of my makeup at Sephora and buy brands such as: Benefit, Too Faced, Lancome, YSL, Dior, and of course, Sephora brand itself. I like to splurge on makeup that I know will last and have good reviews, so lately I've been staying a…

Plus Boutique Review: SexyPlus Clothing

Earlier this summer, I received an interesting proposal through an unconventional method of communication.. an Instagram comment (thanks Instagram)! This proposal came from Stefanie Augusteijn, owner of SexyPlus Clothing in Toronto. It all started when I commented on one of their photos stating that I loved an outfit from SexyPlus. Stefanie mentioned that she would "love to have [me] review the store" and I was thrilled to be invited. A few days later, I headed to 901 Yonge Street in Toronto (for those of you outside of the GTA, it is located 2 blocks south of Rosedale Station). Here, I found a little slice of paradise in the city; a place where as a plus size woman, I could find so many options for clothing in my size.
how it all started SexyPlus Clothing is a specialty boutique that offers a mix of casual, elegant and sexy plus size fashion for women of all ages. The store features a number of well-known brands in the plus market (i.e. IGIGI, Kiyonna, SWAK and Joseph Ribko…

OOTD: Victorian Vintage

A few weekends ago I was finally able to pry myself away from the hustle and bustle of my daily life and take a mini vacation. I was invited to go on a road trip with three of my old roommates to visit one of the girl's family homes. I was under the impression that where we were staying would be a cottage because I was instructed to bring my bathing suit for the beach.. but I was greatly mistaken! Our lodging accommodation for the weekend was actually an old Bed & Breakfast turned into a functioning house for a single family. Meaning for a single family (or 4 single girls) this place was MASSIVE. I'm talking mansion size with 4 bedrooms, 3 baths and 3 living rooms! I had a blast with my girls that weekend, and we took endless photographs to document our amazing time. One night, I couldn't resist dressing up for dinner and snapping a few photographs in my outfit because I loved the look I put together. I also felt very vintage with the print on my gorgeous Addition Ell…

Makeup Monday: Update

Hello! I know today is Monday, which should mean that today's post would be a beauty post of some sort for "Makeup Mondays". Unfortunately, I haven't purchased or tried any new products lately, so I don't think it would be beneficial for me (or you) to post about makeup today. However, I will definitely prepare something for next Monday's "Makeup Monday" post! I am planning on visiting Sephora this weekend, so I will be able to buy a few new items that I can feature next week. Specifically, I'm looking into purchasing a set of Butter London nail polishes so I'm looking forward to trying those out.  I've heard great things about the quality of Butter London's products, but yes, I know they can tend to be a bit pricey. Therefore, they will act as somewhat of a dual purpose for me to get the most bang for their buck! Instead of just being polishes that I showcase on my hands and toes, I will be using them as decorations in my new Londo…

Fatshion Friday: Hey Mickey!

Here we are again, it's time for another Fatshion Friday post! I know I haven't done one of these in a while, perhaps because I rarely get to dress up in anything but a work uniform or pyjamas lately! I have quite a few projects on the go (more to come featuring those soon) and I'm moving in a few weeks so I'm one busy lady! Regardless of this, I still feel like I should provide all of you loyal viewers (and those who check my page out inconspicuously) with a little something to tide you over for the weekend as I prepare a few great blog posts to come next week! Last week I took my roomie Jenn out for her birthday, so I thought I would get her to snap a picture of my casual look I rocked at dinner!
[outfit details] Shirt: H&M Liquid Leggings: Ricki's Heels: Spring Bracelet: H&M