Plus Boutique Review: SexyPlus Clothing

Earlier this summer, I received an interesting proposal through an unconventional method of communication.. an Instagram comment (thanks Instagram)! This proposal came from Stefanie Augusteijn, owner of SexyPlus Clothing in Toronto. It all started when I commented on one of their photos stating that I loved an outfit from SexyPlus. Stefanie mentioned that she would "love to have [me] review the store" and I was thrilled to be invited. A few days later, I headed to 901 Yonge Street in Toronto (for those of you outside of the GTA, it is located 2 blocks south of Rosedale Station). Here, I found a little slice of paradise in the city; a place where as a plus size woman, I could find so many options for clothing in my size.

how it all started
SexyPlus Clothing is a specialty boutique that offers a mix of casual, elegant and sexy plus size fashion for women of all ages. The store features a number of well-known brands in the plus market (i.e. IGIGI, Kiyonna, SWAK and Joseph Ribkoff), as well as many unique pieces from local and international designers. SexyPlus Clothing carries a variety of items essential for everyday use (think leggings, camis, jeans, flirty tops and boleros), career pieces, event attire, lingerie and all in between. Pieces range from affordable to high end, dependent on item, style and purpose.

Upon arrival, I was pleasantly greeted by Pam, one of SexyPlus' valued employees, who then introduced me to Stefanie. Both Stefanie and Pam were extremely friendly, helpful and made my first experience (of many) at SexyPlus extremely positive and memorable. One feature I love about SexyPlus Clothing is their beautiful and spacious change rooms (inclusive with a chair and a variety of heels to try with outfits, in each room). Plus, there aren't any fluorescent lights to be found, so I didn't feel hot or uncomfortable when changing!

In speaking with Stefanie, she mentioned that SexyPlus Clothing was created out of her frustration for finding a lack of clothing that suited all of her different personalities and preferred styles. SexyPlus Clothing then became Stefanie's outlet to meet the needs and serve other women like herself.

However, I think the BEST part about having SexyPlus Clothing around is that it is so easy to find something unique that not many women have. As a plus size woman, there have been countless times where I've walked into a room of my curvy friends, and at least two of us are wearing matching tops/bottoms... or even worse, a full outfit. A fashion faux-pas for this fashionista! This can easily be avoided with a trip to SexyPlus Clothing. There is no doubt you'll find something you love that makes you look and feel great!
Outside of the store
If the shoe fits..
Clothing options available at SexyPlus
Stefanie and myself
Lingerie and corsets..
Gorgeous Blues!
For more information you can contact SexyPlus Clothing at: 

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