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Fatshion Friday: Fit and Flare

During the summer, I was fortunate enough to be involved with an amazing event called Big Deal Toronto. Here, I was blessed with the opportunity to meet some amazing plus bloggers, network and even build a few friendships! Before the sale, we all gathered to at Karen's apartment to tag our last minute items, and here I fell in love with an item out of Sadia's wardrobe. It was a black ASOS fit and flare jacket with a tie belt. It gave me the perfect silhouette and I was stunned. Many of the other bloggers saw me try it on and they spoiled me with compliments. It looked so beautiful on me, that I couldn't leave it behind. However, since the summer was hot and the fall has been almost as warm, I wasn't able to wear the coat comfortably until this week. On Tuesday, I went out for Pho with my classmate Natalie, and asked her to snap a few pictures of me in downtown Toronto. Here, we have the outcome! Unfortunately, the exact coat is no longer available, however, ASOS is cu…

Nina Bitton Launch Party

Last month, I was blessed with the opportunity to attend and blog about the Nina Bitton launch party in Toronto.  For those of you unfamiliar with the amazing brand, Nina Bitton is a Canadian plus-size fashion line that launched this year by sisters Hanna and Muriel Amar. I had the pleasure of meeting Muriel prior to the launch party at the International Fuller Woman Expo in July, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that her sister Hanna was just as equally involved in the line.
Nina Bitton is a self-proclaimed "city chic" high fashion line, inspired by New York City's style.
Upon hearing the name of their new line, I was curious as to why the duo decided to name their brand Nina Bitton. Following the launch party, I was humbled to discover that Nina Bitton was in fact the name of the sisters' late grandmother.  The ladies' grandmother, Nina Bitton was a haute couture seamstress in France, who passed on her gift to Hanna and Muriel at a young age. In their…

Fatshion Friday: Fall into Florals

As the seasons change and the weather starts to get colder and darker, I find myself plagued with the question.. What do I wear?
Even though it is technically September, the weather has typically been warm in Toronto these last two weeks. I've been wanting to dress in less because it's been humid, plus I've been walking and exploring the whole city and it gets pretty warm moving around so much. However, I have found myself struggling whether to abide by the social cues I'm observing from my fellow Torontonians or to dance to the beat of my own drum! I've rarely seen anyone out in shorts or skirts this week (but surprisingly a lot of people are still wearing sandals!) so I didn't want to be that person that stands out too much in the crowd by wearing a skirt or dress. After thinking about my dilemma for a while, I decided, you know what? I'm going to wear what I want, what I feel comfortable in, and I will not care if I am judged for it! Next week, I'm …

Fatshion Friday: Blue is the New Black

Hello viewers! I wanted to start off today's post by apologizing for how inactive my blog has been over the last two weeks! I've been going through some huge changes these past few weeks, including a huge move into the downtown part of my city. I've spent weeks packing boxes, throwing out useless garbage and donating clothes and shoes that I don't wear anymore. Then, I moved all of those packed boxes in last Saturday, and I'm still unpacking them to this date! Honestly, you never realize how many clothes you own until you move.. As a result, I haven't had much time to blog or even put together cute outfits for all my loyal viewers. The other day, I took a breakfast break with my roommate though, so I dressed up super cute to compensate. Here are the results! [outfit details] Dress: Mossimo for Target Cardigan: Ricki's Heels: Payless Shoes Necklace: Vintage from Mom's Closet