Fatshion Friday: Fall into Florals

As the seasons change and the weather starts to get colder and darker, I find myself plagued with the question.. What do I wear?

Even though it is technically September, the weather has typically been warm in Toronto these last two weeks. I've been wanting to dress in less because it's been humid, plus I've been walking and exploring the whole city and it gets pretty warm moving around so much. However, I have found myself struggling whether to abide by the social cues I'm observing from my fellow Torontonians or to dance to the beat of my own drum! I've rarely seen anyone out in shorts or skirts this week (but surprisingly a lot of people are still wearing sandals!) so I didn't want to be that person that stands out too much in the crowd by wearing a skirt or dress. After thinking about my dilemma for a while, I decided, you know what? I'm going to wear what I want, what I feel comfortable in, and I will not care if I am judged for it! Next week, I'm going to construct a blog post on transition and taking your summer wardrobe into the fall, but for this post I will stick to one trend. Florals.

As I look through look books, fashion magazines and observe those around me, I really haven't noticed much floral being presented for the fall. As the famous quote from The Devil Wears Prada goes, "Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking!" -- Miranda Priestly. There is no reason to believe that floral patterns can be done in the fall when you read such a quote and reflect upon how much floral patterns represent "new life" and a "new beginning" that take you out of the dreary winter... But what if you never got sucked into it in the first place? What if you could wear florals all year long (yes, even in Canada) and it wouldn't be odd to do so. For fall, I've decided to choose dark floral prints (think blacks, browns, reds, greys, whites and lilacs) which can be paired with a colourful, yet seasonally appropriate shoe choice.

L to R: Paul Smith, Alexander McQuee & Lanvin

L to R: ASOS Curve, Karen Millen (similar style sold at Addition Elle) & Gussied Up+

                 Here's how I pulled it all together for my date night on Wednesday!
[outfit details]
Dress: Penningtons
Heels: Spring
Bangles: Avenue 
Lipstick: Russian Red by MAC

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