12 Days of Curvemas: 12 Heads a Turning

It's the final day of Curvemas, and I have to say that I am sad to see it go! These last twelve days have been extremely challenging for me; however, I have had so much fun blogging each day of outfits for you. These series of posts have kept me on my toes and encouraged me to blog more often, which is something I should probably do regardless. I am a Master's student though, so the school year does tend to get extremely busy and stressful... but that is my New Years Resolution to you, to blog more frequently.

For today's post, I am delighted to feature one of my favourite Canadian designers, Nina Bitton (my blog post about their launch party here) that is now available at Gussied Up+ in Toronto. Honestly, when Victoria (the owner of Gussied Up) suggested that I try on the Olivia dress by Nina Bitton, I was a bit hesitant. I know that NB uses a fit model 16 and I am an 18/20 so I was nervous about how the 18  or 20 would fit me. After slipping on the Olivia with a bit of shapewear (basic shorts Spanx) I fell in love with the fit. I was a bit concerned that the dress would be too big for me in certain areas and too small for me in others. However, I was completely stunned when I saw how the dress fit me like a glove. I never thought that such a straight-seamed line could perfectly hug a woman's curves the way this does. It is simply stunning. I especially love the gorgeous zipper detail which enables you to unzip from either, or both ends (no hassle getting it on or off alone!). It is perfect for a Saturday evening/night cocktail or holiday party with a nice pair of pumps and the gold detail. This designer dress is definitely one for the books.

That just about sums up the last day of Curvemas! I am leaving for Florida later this afternoon, but please keep yourselves up to date with all Erica Exposed news and check back for new content in the New Year.
Happy Holidays!

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