12 Days of Curvemas: 7 Weekdays Beginning

Do you know what today is? It's the 7th day of Curvemas! It is also my 50th blog post on Erica Exposed, and unfortunately it is also a Monday! For most, Monday's mean it's back to work for the week until that glorious Friday evening. To put you in the mood for your Monday, I'm wearing a casual outfit from Your Big Sister's Closet that is definitely work appropriate. Seriously, a crisp pair of jeans can often be worn on days other than casual Friday, especially if they're worn like this! Often, employers just don't want their employees to look too casual. However, there's nothing about this outfit that screams "Casual Friday" to me, it says, "chic curvy fashionista"!

I am actually in love with this outfit. I was pleasantly surprised by the top (available here), I thought it would look unflattering on me, but in fact it was the total opposite. I actually think it is extremely slimming!  I did have to size up 2 sizes in the jeans (available in store) though because they are a junior plus size. I almost left the store with them, but because I'm losing a fair amount of weight, I decided to hold off until I can size down a bit. Karen and Peter (the store owners) assured me that they would be able to re-order the jeans in if they sell out! The necklace is also from Your Big Sister's Closet, and I totally think it ties the outfit together!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post, my last outfit from Your Big Sister's Closet!
Happy Holidays!

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