12 Days of Curvemas: 8 Studs a Showing

It's the 8th day of Curvemas, and what did your true love give to you today? My true love (myself hehe) gave to me this gorgeous New Look jacket, available at Your Big Sisters Closet! Seriously though, I purchased this jacket after trying it on. It's absolutely stunning on. I was pleasantly surprised of how the jacket fit me in the body AND in the sleeves. Usually what fits me in the body is way too tight in the sleeves, unless I buy a jacket way bigger than I need it to be. The front and back panels of the jacket are leatherette, however the sleeves are a cloth material. I was a bit unsure about purchasing it because of this at first, but in all honesty, you really can't tell that they're very different. My favourite feature of the jacket would have to be the studs on the shoulders. They're actually a rounded stud, not a pointy one, so they won't get caught on anything!

To complete the look, I paired the jacket with a plain black cami (available in store) and a red midi skirt with leatherette trim (available here). I love how the skirt is perfect for the holidays, but it could easily be worn afterwards as well! My only qualm is that the skirt is a bit long for my taste (because it's a midi skirt) so I hiked mine up above my natural waist, and I thought it looked much better on me there. Otherwise, it is such a cool piece to have in your wardrobe because it's so unique. Trust me, you'll receive tons of compliments! I know I did, just from these photos!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post! I'm so excited to feature my first look from Gussied Up+
Happy Holidays!
plus size leather jacket

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