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Your Big Sister's Closet 1 Year Anniversary!

Last Saturday, I attended Your Big Sister's Closet 1 Year Anniversary Party and it was absolutely ah-mazing. One unique dimension of this party was the Body Positive (BOPO) Art Display that I was asked to be a part of! Your Big Sister's Closet is owned by a good friend of mine, Karen (of Curvy Canadian) and her hubby Peter so I was definitely on board to help them celebrate such a wonderful milestone!

I woke up in a bit of a panic not knowing what to wear! In a room full of fashionistas, I knew I'd have to stand out. Plus, I anticipated that I would appear in a lot of photos, so I needed to look my best.. and boy was I ever! I decided on wearing a gorgeous black lined maxi by SWAK, black peep-toe pumps and a statement necklace. My outfit was a bit monochromatic, so I added a vibrant lipstick, Mr Lover by Sephora Collection and it was definitely a crowd pleaser! I was fortunate enough to have my outfit posts taken by my lovely friend Jessica's boyfriend Jayson.

Speaking of Jess, I was so happy to see her at the event. I had no idea that she was going to be there, and I hadn't seen her in so long. We had recently started talking more frequently and kept trying to hang out, but our schedules conflicted! Jess is absolutely amazing, she's funny, sincere, kind-hearted and of course, she has great style! We are actually going to hang out together this weekend, so look out for a collab blog post coming soon to both of our blogs! Jess and I browsed the store for a while and did a substantial amount of shopping. I was on the hunt for a colourful statement necklace, but I had trouble deciding which one to buy... there were so many available! I was set on this gorgeous pastel blue and mint floral necklace, but wondered if I could wear it all year 'round. Jess ended up liking that necklace a lot too, so I surrendered it to her and chose another necklace that I loved. Jess PROMISED that I could borrow the necklace sometime though to feature in a blog post. I ended up picking out a gorgeous multicoloured gem necklace that matched my lip colour perfectly. I also ended up finding a gorgeous blue dress that I can wear to work, our out with friends. Jess and I took so many selfies and full outfit shots with each other, thanks to Jayson again for capturing most of those. As for the selfies, we definitely took those ourself ;)

Jess & Myself

Jess had to leave pretty early, so I wandered the store and made some new friends throughout the day. I also had my share of turns in the window as a live mannequin, got my hair done by Michelel and my nails done by Tracy from Donato Spa in Yorkdale Mall. Both ladies were amazing and super friendly. There was also a candy bar (which I strayed off my clean eating for) which I munched on during the day.

I ended up seeing quite a few familiar faces at the event as well, and especially loved seeing two of my good friends, Sheena (Snively) and Ophillia (Alleyne) at the event. I also enjoyed seeing some new faces, and met some new friends. One amazing lady I had the pleasure meeting was Alex who will be launching her blog this weekend!
Sheena & Myself

The BOPO art display was fantastic. There were about 20 curvy ladies of all shapes in sizes (myself included) that modelled as live mannequins in the storefront window on busy Dundas St West in Toronto. We received some wonderful feedback about our movement, and I was so happy to be part of the movement. Something cool I decided to do, was have my cane on display in the window with me, to add another dimension to the project. This was a bit hard for me to face, but I really wanted to show how comfortable I was in my own skin, and prove that ALL bodies are good bodies. Some of you may or may not know that I am a Masters of Social Work student. In the last year, I have learned so much about myself and others. Something I have become even more passionate about recently is body acceptance. More on this later. I will dedicate an entire post to body acceptance and body positivity next week.
In the window with my cane I now need for a recent back/leg injury.

Karen wrote the most perfect description of the display that I have to share: "This Art Installation, named 'There is No Right Way to Have a Body', addresses society's obsession with size and weight, and focuses on the models' refusal to be body shamed. By drawing on the aesthetics of protest, the project contextualizes the problem as the human rights issue it is."

All in all, it was a fabulous day full of fashion, curves, positivity, friends, food and all around good vibes. I can't wait to see what the upcoming year has in store for Your Big Sister's Closet! Sending out lots of love and a big thanks to Karen and Peter for hosting such a wonderful day, and for asking me to be a part of it.

New Curvy Couture Bras! 
Candy Bar! 
Eye Spy my Necklace!
Live Mannequin Modelling
My Signs: ALL bodies are good bodies & Plus Size and Proud! 
Jess, Karen & Myself
[outfit details]
Dress: SWAK via SexyPlus Clothing
Faux-Leather Bomber: Your Big Sister's Closet
Heels: Penningtons
Necklace A (Top): Forever 21
Necklace B (Below): Your Big Sister's Closet


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