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Finalizing 2017 & Setting Intentions for 2018: New Year's Eve Reflection

Before I begin, I just wanted to thank you for your patience with this post! I had intended on publishing this on Friday BUT my computer decided that it would begin sparking & did not stop until last evening. However, I have fixed the problem and I'm ready to get vulnerable with you! P.S. This post is super text-heavy (you've been warned)! 
2017 has been the most difficult year of my life, thus far. After having two surgeries (one major and one minor), I was left with a lot of time to reflect. By no means was the year what I expected or intended for it to be. I spent a lot of time in hospitals and in bed this year -- far more than I ever could have imagined I would. On March 8th of this year, my world came to a jolting halt. Everything was about to change. I was inches and hours away from permanent paralysis; but something wonderful stopped this from happening. It was a miracle, a second chance and a blessing in disguise, all at once. Only then, was I able to realize that…

Delving Deep into the Soul at Goddess Circle

Have you ever attended one single event that was simply transformational? Have you ever spent an evening connecting with yourself, reflecting and growing, all at once? Mind you, what I'm speaking about occurs alongside nearly 30 women who are strangers, but simultaneously feel like your sisters.  I wasn't sure that something like this existed or that this was possible... until I lived it!

This is Goddess Group. Call it whatever you want, Goddess Group, Goddess Circle, Goddess Gathering (and I'll probably use these three terms interchangeably). The commonality is simply that we are all Goddesses that deserve to showcase our femininity, our light and our vulnerabilities. I've heard of a few Goddess Groups that take place in Toronto and this is just my experience with one of them. However, I didn't have to shop around to know that this group was the right fit for me.
I must highlight, that this is in no way sponsored content. All of these words come straight from my h…

Cyber Monday & Holiday Shopping: Lose the Guilt (it's okay NOT to shop)

Yesterday afternoon aka Cyber Monday, I was inspired to write this post after being bombarded with thousands of adverts on my timeline (and in person). Unfortunately, the lightbulb went off a little too late in the afternoon; due to my schedule, I was unable to post this yesterday (when it was most relevant). However, I think that the concept is certainly applicable to the Holiday Season as a whole and makes for appropriate year-round discussion. So let's get to it! 
Every year without fail, I find myself feeling guilty, lost and inadequate during the months of November & December. Obviously, the Holiday season is fast approaching, and it might have you feeling as frazzled as I. The panic sets in and I almost feel as though I've been left in a puddle of my own tears and defeat. With social media being in the forefront of our lives, it becomes incredibly easy for us to get stuck in the world of comparing ourselves to others. There are so many ways in which we compare ourse…

Searching for Validation: Dating as a Plus Size Woman

I am very blessed to connect with many different amazing, inspiring, intelligent and charismatic women everyday. Especially when I suit up and take on my blogger identity. I met Sasha (of Flaws of Couture) at an open casting call for a plus -size modelling gig in 2013 (it feels like such a distant memory, that I had to look this up). I had just completed my Bachelor's degree and had recently started a blog, but I still felt as if something was missing. I had just ended things with my first serious boyfriend and I was feeling kind of insignificant. My modelling experience and connecting with some amazing women (such as Sasha) gave me hope. I felt more empowered than ever before.
Sasha started a clothing brand called Flaws of Couture (FOC) a couple years back, and I've been stalking it ever since. FOC has an eclectic selection of athleisure-inspired jackets, tops & joggers. Pretty much, I wanted it all. However, there was one item that I was eyeing for a looooong time. The …

Plus Size Activewear: Svelte Shapewear (Brand Spotlight)

~ serving up athletic editorial vibes ~ It's not so often that I am approached by a clothing company that sells both straight sizes and plus sizes within the same collection (read: I can buy the same pair of pants as everyone else???). I was recently contacted by Svelte (a Canadian-based shapewear company) and was asked to review any item of my choice. Disclaimer: All opinions and words are my own. I only have interest in sharing honest and upfront reviews with my readers.

Considering that Svelte specializes in leggings, I went with what they seem to know to maximize the chances for a positive outcome (A: leggings). I chose a style called the "Riding Tight Ankle Leggings" because it offered up a unique variation on a classic. Also, I secretly used to want to ride Equestrian horses (kind of living out a fantasy, right?). Svelte carries most styles in all sizes (from 0/2 to 22/24). They have a size guide on their site which is very helpful! However, this review will provid…