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Canada 150: Our Home ON Native Land

Today is Canada's "150th" birthday. It has been marketed as "Canada 150" and it is a pretty big deal here. A century and a half is a long time, but what about the number of centuries before the confederation and colonization? Today, there are celebrations in both small towns and large cities. Ottawa, our Nation's capital is hosting the bulk of the celebrations. However, Toronto is just as booming and oozing with Canadian Pride. For example, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (our mediocre, but most attractive PM to date ~ this is why everyone thinks he's such a dreamboat) has erected a massive rubber ducky on the Toronto Harbour front to increase tourism (see here). 

 Lately, I have been reflecting on what being Canadian means to me. I feel that not speaking up about something so important as Indigenous culture and rights, especially on a day like today, would be disingenuous. For many First Nations communities, Canada today, exists on stolen land. 
In ele…