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Plus Size Activewear: Svelte Shapewear (Brand Spotlight)

~ serving up athletic editorial vibes ~ It's not so often that I am approached by a clothing company that sells both straight sizes and plus sizes within the same collection (read: I can buy the same pair of pants as everyone else???). I was recently contacted by Svelte (a Canadian-based shapewear company) and was asked to review any item of my choice. Disclaimer: All opinions and words are my own. I only have interest in sharing honest and upfront reviews with my readers.

Considering that Svelte specializes in leggings, I went with what they seem to know to maximize the chances for a positive outcome (A: leggings). I chose a style called the "Riding Tight Ankle Leggings" because it offered up a unique variation on a classic. Also, I secretly used to want to ride Equestrian horses (kind of living out a fantasy, right?). Svelte carries most styles in all sizes (from 0/2 to 22/24). They have a size guide on their site which is very helpful! However, this review will provid…

Plus Size OOTD: Transitional Fall Fashion

The bulk of my recent posts has been non-fashion related, which is pretty disappointing considering my deep love for fashion. However, the reality of the situation is... I can no longer really be a walking runway show. I feel that my general aesthetic has been lost and I've reached a fashionable all-time-low. So, not only have fashion posts have been more difficult to curate and execute since my surgery -- but my day-to-day style has suffered too. I have been feeling out of place in the fashion world lately... which has also contributed to the slight shift in my content. When I can't wear what I want and must settle for something else, it feels wrong. I start to feel discouraged, unattractive and even annoyed... it's a vicious cycle that I can't seem to stop.

My disability effects body in ways that I never could have imagined. Prior to my surgery, I had significant pain in my back and legs, but my feet were feeling just fine. However, due to the nerve damage I sustain…