Plus Size Activewear: Svelte Shapewear (Brand Spotlight)

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It's not so often that I am approached by a clothing company that sells both straight sizes and plus sizes within the same collection (read: I can buy the same pair of pants as everyone else???). I was recently contacted by Svelte (a Canadian-based shapewear company) and was asked to review any item of my choice. Disclaimer: All opinions and words are my own. I only have interest in sharing honest and upfront reviews with my readers.

Considering that Svelte specializes in leggings, I went with what they seem to know to maximize the chances for a positive outcome (A: leggings). I chose a style called the "Riding Tight Ankle Leggings" because it offered up a unique variation on a classic. Also, I secretly used to want to ride Equestrian horses (kind of living out a fantasy, right?). Svelte carries most styles in all sizes (from 0/2 to 22/24). They have a size guide on their site which is very helpful! However, this review will provide you with a few additional tips, if you're considering Svelte leggings.
I want to briefly draw on points about qualityaesthetic and fit to provide a more comprehensive review. Made in Ponte de Roma fabric, these leggings were designed for the fashionista on the go. The knit fabric keeps unwanted wrinkles and creases at bay -- all while being one of the softest pair of leggings I own.  I've worn them several times to workout and they have withstood the dreaded chub rub. I also have yet to notice any pilling in the thigh area. This is pretty spectacular, considering that every other pair of workout leggings I own seems to have met their match much earlier on.

Outfit Details// Leggings: Svelte (available here); Bra: Torrid (available here); 
Runners: Nike; Lipstick: Donut by Colourpop
As you might remember from the beginning of this post, this specific style of leggings is called "Riding Tight Ankle Leggings" but honestly, they should be named "Riding Loose Ankle Leggings").  I was a bit disappointed when I saw that the leggings were quite loose in the legs, especially the ankles. Now, I am someone who loves tight pants, especially around the ankles for maximum layering/tuckage; so, this was a devastating realization. Although, this might not a deal breaker for you (which is awesome). However, they do both promise and deliver business-chic vibes and elegant simplicity (I wonder if this is due to the absence of tight ankles tbh). I do really like these leggings, but I was just expecting something a bit different. 

Unfortunately, the sizing and fit was a bit tricky for me as well. XXL (the largest size) is supposed to fit someone who is size 22/24. However, I felt that the leggings were not *as* true to size as they could be. They fit me (size 20/22), but I didn't have much room left in my tummy area. This was just kind of surprising considering that my hips are pretty narrow and that should kind of add some room in the waist, no? I am without fail, never larger than a 22 in a pair of bottoms. My bottom half is much smaller than my top half (read: long, lean/muscular legs and no bum).
visual proof of my ~ no ass ~ and also my badass surgical scar ^ 
Svelte informs us that the leggings come with a built-in waist panel to keep your "silhouette looking smooth all day long". I chose to style the leggings with only a sports bra, so you can catch my Visible Belly Outline (VBO) in these shots. Maybe you can't tell.. but my silhouette is definitely crisper and smoother in these leggings (they hold everything in!).

I haven't noticed much give in the waist these leggings over time, which I actually appreciate (I just wish they were a smidgen bigger on me). On a fat body, and perhaps on other types of bodies (tbh I haven't been anything BUT fat since the 4th grade) -- leggings roll down a lot. I for one know that I end up pulling my pants up off the floor (or out of my crotch) multiple times when I'm in leggings. In these, I have completed a full workout without pulling them up. Revolutionary.
The Verdict: If you carry a fair amount of weight in your stomach (as I do), you might want to size up. Also, if you aren't cool with having a VBO - these leggings probably aren't for you.  They truly do hold everything in the way that shapewear is designed to. Sveltes offers a comfortable legging (honestly, they're thick enough to be worn as pants) option at a reasonable price ($78CDN).

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