Plus Size OOTD: Transitional Fall Fashion

The bulk of my recent posts has been non-fashion related, which is pretty disappointing considering my deep love for fashion. However, the reality of the situation is... I can no longer really be a walking runway show. I feel that my general aesthetic has been lost and I've reached a fashionable all-time-low. So, not only have fashion posts have been more difficult to curate and execute since my surgery -- but my day-to-day style has suffered too. I have been feeling out of place in the fashion world lately... which has also contributed to the slight shift in my content. When I can't wear what I want and must settle for something else, it feels wrong. I start to feel discouraged, unattractive and even annoyed... it's a vicious cycle that I can't seem to stop.

My disability effects body in ways that I never could have imagined. Prior to my surgery, I had significant pain in my back and legs, but my feet were feeling just fine. However, due to the nerve damage I sustained, I lost the feeling and sensation of my feet (among other things). Due to the lack of feeling/sensation in my feet, I am limited by the footwear I wear.

Now, a lot of consideration must go into styling and coordinating looks if I want to appear both fashionable and comfortable. Note: This is much easier said than done, so I end up wearing a lot of running shoes/trainers/sneakers. It's been difficult and exhausting to plan outfits mostly around runners; not to mention, it often limits my creativity. Therefore, sometimes I like to branch out a bit when I can (i.e. I took these pictures within close proximity & I brought these shoes to change into) to show off how I really would/could style something. These pictures are the results of this experiment.

It has also been an abnormally cold Summer, here in Toronto. I've worn more long sleeve shirts Summer, than any before. I've had to get a bit creative with my styling to accommodate the ups and downs of Mother Nature! This actually works as a great transitional from Summer to Fall outfit, so you can get a few more wears out of your favourite frocks! 
Outfit Details// Dress: Addition Elle (previous season - similar here); Long Sleeve Shirt: Yours Clothing (available here); Shoes: Winners Canada; Ring: Free Series; Lipstick: Lovesick - Kat Von D (Everlasting Liquid Lip)
As in life, there are SO many behind the scenes moments that are not so easily captured (or shared). During recent shoots, I have come across more challenges and obstacles than usual. For one, I lose my balance a lot in between shots/takes and I have to gather myself quickly (and avoid falling) before I resume. Secondly, I have abysmal endurance levels and had to sit down part way through the shoot. My feet also like to become increasingly numb, the longer they are confined within shoes -- they eventually become tons of bricks on my feet. Lastly, of course... pain.

As you can probably tell, my feet were slipping out of these mules - left, right and centre! That is because they should not have really been on my feet in the first place. I couldn't shove my feet into the mules far enough without causing neuropathic pain. This shoot was actually pretty dangerous for me, because I wasn't able to rely on my ankle/foot muscles to keep themselves in the slip-ons... putting myself at risk of falling. Thankfully I did not take a tumble to the ground, but I did trip over my shoes/feet many many times this day (I have blooper shots to prove it!).

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