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Cyber Monday & Holiday Shopping: Lose the Guilt (it's okay NOT to shop)

Yesterday afternoon aka Cyber Monday, I was inspired to write this post after being bombarded with thousands of adverts on my timeline (and in person). Unfortunately, the lightbulb went off a little too late in the afternoon; due to my schedule, I was unable to post this yesterday (when it was most relevant). However, I think that the concept is certainly applicable to the Holiday Season as a whole and makes for appropriate year-round discussion. So let's get to it! 
Every year without fail, I find myself feeling guilty, lost and inadequate during the months of November & December. Obviously, the Holiday season is fast approaching, and it might have you feeling as frazzled as I. The panic sets in and I almost feel as though I've been left in a puddle of my own tears and defeat. With social media being in the forefront of our lives, it becomes incredibly easy for us to get stuck in the world of comparing ourselves to others. There are so many ways in which we compare ourse…