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Finalizing 2017 & Setting Intentions for 2018: New Year's Eve Reflection

Before I begin, I just wanted to thank you for your patience with this post! I had intended on publishing this on Friday BUT my computer decided that it would begin sparking & did not stop until last evening. However, I have fixed the problem and I'm ready to get vulnerable with you! P.S. This post is super text-heavy (you've been warned)! 
2017 has been the most difficult year of my life, thus far. After having two surgeries (one major and one minor), I was left with a lot of time to reflect. By no means was the year what I expected or intended for it to be. I spent a lot of time in hospitals and in bed this year -- far more than I ever could have imagined I would. On March 8th of this year, my world came to a jolting halt. Everything was about to change. I was inches and hours away from permanent paralysis; but something wonderful stopped this from happening. It was a miracle, a second chance and a blessing in disguise, all at once. Only then, was I able to realize that…

Delving Deep into the Soul at Goddess Circle

Have you ever attended one single event that was simply transformational? Have you ever spent an evening connecting with yourself, reflecting and growing, all at once? Mind you, what I'm speaking about occurs alongside nearly 30 women who are strangers, but simultaneously feel like your sisters.  I wasn't sure that something like this existed or that this was possible... until I lived it!

This is Goddess Group. Call it whatever you want, Goddess Group, Goddess Circle, Goddess Gathering (and I'll probably use these three terms interchangeably). The commonality is simply that we are all Goddesses that deserve to showcase our femininity, our light and our vulnerabilities. I've heard of a few Goddess Groups that take place in Toronto and this is just my experience with one of them. However, I didn't have to shop around to know that this group was the right fit for me.
I must highlight, that this is in no way sponsored content. All of these words come straight from my h…