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Fat, Disabled and Thriving: Plus Size Activewear

I must admit, I have shied away from fashion posts for the past few months. At the time, I felt that I had a lot more to say about heavier/more serious topics, that wouldn't compliment fashion posts well. However, here we are... a time where I can bring fashion into the importance of discussing the politics of, and my personal experience with plus-size fitness. Note: I certainly will have more to say than this post will call for, and intend to delve a bit deeper in an upcoming post. 

CW: Weight Loss, Surgery Mention, Working Out

So, what have I been doing the past few months you ask? I've been in the gym. If you are a frequent visitor on my Instagram page, you may have seen many many of my exercise IG stories. It helps keep me accountable! Recovery, exercise and strengthening have literally become my job since March 20th (the day I moved into inpatient physical rehabilitation). I don't have a lot of structure in my life right now, but the gym has become a constant task on …

Violence against women in our communities & how it feels to be a statistic: A poetic memoir

I am inspired and motivated to speak up and share my truth, more than ever. The camaraderie and solidarity seen at the Golden Globes & Oprah's monumental speech have lit the fire within. Violence against women (especially women of colour) is not just a Hollywood phenomenon. It has been occurring in regular communities, to people without influence and financial freedom FOR LITERALLY EVER. This is written as a poetic memoir. I have minimized details and triggers as much as possible, without losing the integrity of my story. Yet, here are your content warnings. 
CW: mention of sexual assault, violence against women, death, trauma, unfair justice system
I look in the mirror and see someone; I don’t know her well. She appears kind and gentle underneath her chainmail exterior. I want to get to know her better. I’d like to hear her story, feel her feelings, and commemorate her strength. Sensitization hour, after years of repression. She seeks a purification from the toxins and chains …