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You Want the Moon?: Plus Size Fashion

This week, you're getting a double dose of fashion! I guess this is a pretty rare circumstance for me; however, due to some personal circumstances this week, I just don't have the emotional fortitude to finish my dating blog as suggested. I hope that you can understand! I will be posting that next week though, so keep an eye out for it.

It's no secret that I've been largely attracted to celestial patterns and styles lately. You might have caught Monday's post about my obsession with the occult world (see here if you missed it!). I do feel especially connected to the moon and stars, but will gladly open the wardrobe to include things like planets or the sun as well (hahaha). I actually just received in the mail a bunch of celestial-influenced goodies and accessories that I ordered. I am always looking for more, so let me know if you find any amazing celestial/occult deals!

I am also obsessed with blue and it has quickly replaced the colour purple (LOL no pun intend…

Plus Size Street Style: Best Friend Magic

Hi Everyone! It's a holiday in Canada (Family Day) and the US I believe (President's Day) so I am trying to relax and be productive at the same time. For me, writing (when I actually want to) is therapeutic. I am also highly motivated by stress and deadlines, so receiving these photos late last night only really pushed me further. Unfortunately, I've had some urgent personal stuff come up today, hence the delay.  I had spent many years minimizing my obsession with the occult, keeping it under wraps for fear that my safe haven would become the thing that ostracizes me. I'm a Scorpio though, so my interest in the unknown, morbid and occult runs through my veins. However, I've never had the affinity for Horror movies. One of my exes was obsessed -- looking back on it now, I'm not surprised, recognizing that he's also a Scorpio. To each their own in the land of the occult. You can be interested in one, two, five or an infinite areas. I personally connect with …

Happy Galentine's Day!

Galentine's Day has evolved from sitcom holiday to become a part of important movements, like #MeToo. For the first time in a long time, it seems that women have a voice again. It seems that popular proverb is right, there is strength in numbers. Togetherness can minimize fears of rejection and ostracization and empower women to courageously share their stories. Statistics show that if we don't have the numbers in our favour "backing up our claims", women are rarely able to gain the attention of our justice system. I believe survivors, but it seems that the media is scrambling to catch up. Women in "Show Business" and politics may feel empowered to come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct, but what about the rest of us? Those who don't have the financial or emotional resources to come forward? We can't stop, we won't stop! I also want to take this moment to acknowledge and make my stance known on the following: TRANS WOMEN ARE WOMEN a…