Plus Size Street Style: Best Friend Magic

Hi Everyone! It's a holiday in Canada (Family Day) and the US I believe (President's Day) so I am trying to relax and be productive at the same time. For me, writing (when I actually want to) is therapeutic. I am also highly motivated by stress and deadlines, so receiving these photos late last night only really pushed me further. Unfortunately, I've had some urgent personal stuff come up today, hence the delay. 
I had spent many years minimizing my obsession with the occult, keeping it under wraps for fear that my safe haven would become the thing that ostracizes me. I'm a Scorpio though, so my interest in the unknown, morbid and occult runs through my veins. However, I've never had the affinity for Horror movies. One of my exes was obsessed -- looking back on it now, I'm not surprised, recognizing that he's also a Scorpio. To each their own in the land of the occult. You can be interested in one, two, five or an infinite areas. I personally connect with Astrology and Tarot the most, but I am constantly looking to expand my knowledge. I like to connect my intuition and natural gifts to service, sharing them with the world.
I've been trying to encourage Allie to explore Astrology a bit more, even if she's not as fluent. She's a Virgo and pretty grounded in logic, honestly. We're currently try to deduce her birth time, so I can dive into her Natal Chart a bit more. Allie is wearing a gorgeous Astrology dress from Plus BKLYN - which I have borrowed and basically lived in for a week. 
Allie and I used to shoot coord outfits all the time; mind you, this was pre-surgery and I was much less of a hermit then. I can honestly say that I've really missed this. Allie and I have stunning on-camera chemistry. We just naturally feed off each other, and whatever we collab on is always magic. It was nice to bring that same magic to such magical fashion. Speaking of magic... I've become that crystal lady. You can often find me with a chunk of Amethyst around my neck, threaded by my talented sister Jenn (I've linked her Etsy shop in my outfit details below).
Outfit Details// Dress: ASOS Curve (available here); Kimono: ASOS Curve (sold out); Bag: (available here - sold out of peach); Booties: Addition Elle (previous season); Necklace: Ausada Malas; Earrings: ASOS (sold out - similar here); Lipstick: Viva Glam Ariana Grande for MAC
I've actually become more fluent in my Astro knowledge lately -- definitely surpassing my knowledge of Tarot now. I have been working with tarot and have been actively learning since the summer (which you can read a little about here). What really gets me, is that I will pull some or all of the same cards on back-to-back days. That's my clue that I need to shake things up a bit! Usually that means, what I'm doing isn't working. 
I have eluded to this before, but some of my tarot cards like to "stalk" me. Specifically, 'The Moon' and now the 4 of Cups. Wow, that's heavy! Neither card are particularly positive, nor negative. Rather, I find these two meet in the middle at indifference and apathy. Whatever is on the horizon, there are usually two ends of the spectrum. The 4 of Cups suggests there may be an opportunity presented that I might miss due to deep reflection or near-sightedness. Welcome to my life LOL. Then, The Moon suggests that the journey will lead to either wisdom, or into the oblivion. I like to think that I'm encountering a bit of both here. I have been trying to hone any potential intuitive/mediumship skills that I might have. My third eye and crown chakra are highly stimulated lately! 
I hope you enjoyed a look into my occult world -- this is really who I am and I'm not going to hide it anymore. I stand in my quirky truth. 

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