Beginners Guide to Hair: Schwarzkopf Professional

Today, I'm going to share something a bit different... something that I haven't really discussed much on the blog. I've wanted to write about hair for a while now. This post has given me an excuse to do that, and hopefully I can make this a semi-regular kind of occurrence. Let me give you a bit of backstory with this simple statement: I am not good with hair. I can style an outfit and apply makeup, but my hair is on another level (the level below LOL). I don't mind poking a bit of fun at myself because my hair-styling skills have at least improved over the years.

This post was intended to go live a bit earlier than this, but I was required to hold off for a couple reasons. First, I believe that in order to provide you with a genuine and authentic review, I must try a product out more than a few times. I wouldn't want to rush my testing. I want you to get the full experience, by proxy! Also, unfortunately my dad needed last-minute surgery and when he was discharged, my disabled self became his temporary nurse (LOL). This is all while I was also recovering from hand surgery, that left my dominant hand out of the game for about 5 weeks (it's mighty difficult to style your hair with on hand). It's been a fun year! Thank you to ZOI Agency PR and Schwarzkopf Professional who sent me these products! This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.

Like I said, I am not much of a hair take all of this in with a grain of salt! However, I just got my haircut and I'm feeling more confident in my styling abilities right now. My hair is a lot shorter than it's been in a while; I was working on growing my hair, until I realized just how unhealthy it had become. I am kind of self-conscious about my hair/head which is probably why I don't talk about it all that much. I also find it incredibly challenging to do my own hair (don't we all?). I have been working on my upper body strength at the gym and I'm hoping it has an effect on my hair skills! Do you know how difficult it is to hold up a curling iron like a tricep extension???. Imagine the length of the reps too! 

I was graciously sent 5 different hairstyling products from Schwarzkopf Professional, two of which are hairsprays. There are also two cream products, and the last item is a paste. Let me first start off by saying: I genuinely love these products. 

I want to begin by discussing hairspray, as they were the highlight of the #MadeToRecreate campaign. I don't often use hairspray, unless I am doing an up-do, braid or something of the like (which is rare). However, I'm now sure that this was because I had not found the "it" hairspray. Let me just say, these hairsprays are freaking fantastic! I have tried many other hairsprays in my life and very few have come even close to the performance of these. I was sent both the Elastic and Freeze hairsprays. In my research for this post, I have discovered that there is a third hairspray (appropriately labelled #3) "Session Extreme Hold". I can only assume that with even faster drying time, this was designed for professional salon use. 
Styled with: Freeze Hairspray & Tame Wild

I enjoy having the option to use either an elastic or freeze hold, by selecting one or the other. I usually gravitate toward the Elastic spray. I want added security and hold, while at the same time, benefiting from the freedom of flexibility. How naive of me that I wasn't even aware that hairsprays like this exist out there!
Styled with: Elastic Hairspray & Tame Wild
Photography by: Jessica Laforet for Femme Folio

It's no surprise that with a name like "Freeze" it would be even stronger and longer-lasting than "Elastic". "Freeze" also blocks UV Rays and fights against humidity, which is amazing. I can absolutely see myself using this daily in the Summer because my hair hates humidity! Naturally, "Freeze" leaves your hair feeling much crunchier than "Elastic", but it does not feel brittle after application (which is important to note). Still in place, even hours later, it is really easy to brush out! Okay, so I actually just realized *mid-post* that Schwarzkopf Professional uses a numbers system to indicate hold (1 for loose, 2 for medium/strong hold and 3 for extremely secure).
In researching for this post, I discovered that Chatters Hair Salon sells Schwarzkopf Professional products (you can view the OSIS+ line here). While they are limited in Ontario locations, Chatters has Canada-wide free shipping today (this probably is a regular occurrence so check that out). Otherwise, it seems that your best bet would be at other local salon locations! Schwarzkopf Professional hairsprays seem to run an average of $15-20 (depending on hold). The other three products are listed for about $18 each. Now, I just need to get my hands on the Mess Up Matte Gum, Shine Sparkler Spray and the Ultra Hold Mousse (Note: I use mousse almost daily so I go through enough of it).

I will group my findings about Tame Wild and Curl Honey together, as they share a lot of the same positives. Both are non-sticky, lightweight creams (I am so not a gel person) and provide surface smoothness.

I have never found that miracle product that totally combats my frizzy flyways and baby hairs, but Tame Wild comes pretty close. Tame Wild has easily become one of my favourite hair products of all time. I am so intoxicated by this product, largely due to it's scent. It is infused with honey and for some reason, also reminds me of the smell of fresh black tea (Note: If you've ever smelt Fresh's Black Tea Masks from Sephora, that's what this smells like). Tame Wild is a smoothing Anti-Frizz cream. I also like the face that it uses heat resistant technology, which I assume means I can apply it prior to blowdrying and it assume it would work like a blow-dry balm. I actually have not tried this.

Curl Honey is also a smoothing cream, although that is not its full intended purpose. In addition to taming some frizz/flyways (IMO: not nearly as well as Tame Wild), it smooths and defines each curl and leaves your hair with a glossy finish. I personally prefer more voluminous curls, which Curl Honey does not provide me. It doesn't give me as formed curls as mousse does (my usual go-to) but when I want to achieve a casual look quickly, I totally use this! It's so fast just to run this through your hair and walk out the door!
Styled With: Curl Honey

I must admit that I don't tend to gravitate toward the Zero Grease Matte Paste (Coal Putty) as much. It just isn't what my hair needs to optimize it's beauty. I do appreciate that it is not greasy and provides a "medium hold".  So, maybe as the weather changes, I will be able to break out of my mousse/cream bubble and experiment with paste/putties and gels!

For a full list of the OSIS+ product matrix, check it out on the Schwarzkopf Professional website here. I hope that if you try these products, you enjoy them as much as I do! I'd love to see your creations. 

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