Plus Size OOTD: 70s (Fashion) Stole My Heart

I sincerely apologize for the delay of this post. I had intended on posting it last Friday, but ended up in the Emergency Room all night. I am thankfully feeling a bit better but unfortunately, my health issues won't be going away anytime soon. In the mean time, I am actively working on myself and my communication skills. If you're curious, check out my recent Instagram post for more insight. Basically, I have been confronting issues head on instead of avoiding them (as I usually do). I didn't want to scrap this post, just because life has decided to place a roadblock in front of me! Plus, I really love this outfit and wanted to share it with you!

Fashion is a political statement; it has been for years and it continues to serve this purpose today! Fashion and style do not only serve as a form of self-expression, but also have historically done quite the job distinguishing certain groups from one another (i.e. often demonstrating classism, sexism, racism, etc). As a woman (also as someone who respects and values trans, queer and non-binary folx) I just want to stop for a minute and appreciate something. If I had been born prior to the Cultural Revolution, there's a good chance I wouldn't be able to wear what I want, when I want to.

Counterculture was a political movement that began in 1960s United Kingdom and expanded through the Western world. Essentially an anti-establishment socialist group, with stakes in Civil Rights movements such as: sexual freedom, positions of authority, women's rights, and famously, The Drug Act. Much of the references in pop culture refer to Counterculture as a fashionable time as well, because you guessed it! Fashion is political! What is depicted are mostly the use of slogans and irony to shout a message (or stance) back to the government and corporations. However, it's also known for representing equality -- especially when it came to women's fashion.

During the mid-1960s and early 1970s, women's fashion changed. Couture designers (i.e. as Balenciaga and Yves St. Laurent)'s fashion, showcased women in a certain new light, empowering them to dress any way they wanted. This challenged the feminine expectation, or what I like to call "Housewife Syndrome". Really, it's just as simple as women could finally be seen wearing t-shirts and jeans. The shift towards equality in fashion during this time demonstrates that society had (at least somewhat) developed willingness to accept and tolerate differences. Perhaps, acting as the catalyst to the resurgence of the modern-day feminist movement.
The counterculture movement allowed for fashion to progress significantly and rapidly in its time. Fashion was finally accessible to all! Fashion was less of a cash-grab (I see you couture) and more about the heart. When fashion celebrates self-expression over classism, we are rewarded with trends such as: DIY (i.e. tie dye, macrame), thrifting and "more risque" options as joining the free the nipple movement. It also helped to break down many gendered norms that no longer exist today. Observe trends such as: body hair, flower crowns, flowy garments, simpler silhouettes, androdgyny, etc. Although many cultures were being appreciated (coming long before conversations about cultural appropriation) and integrated into fashion, there still remained to be a lot of progress to come in support of our racialized communities.
Outfit Details// Kimono: Target (main range not plus); Jeans: Forever 21+ (available here); Tank Top: Addition Elle (available here); Boots: Winners; Purse: (available here); Necklace: Lea Alexandra (available here); Earrings: Zara
I am really into the look of long kimonos right now. I love how effortless yet special they appear. It's a look! Target has a wonderful selection of kimonos right now. I picked this one up there in the clearance section for $12 USD. The kimono I am wearing is an XXL from Target's "straight size" collection - Xhiliration. It is honestly a bit tight in the chest area, which is unfortunate but not surprising. It comes with a robe-style tie (it's tied in the back for the pictures) and is super flowy. What really sold me (other than the price) were the unique colour and the embroidered flower detailing! 

Here are a couple of my plus size kimono picks for the Spring/Summer: Torrid (Look 1),  Torrid (Look 2)Addition ElleSimply BeEloquii <3
I hit the jackpot with these jeans! They are the trifecta of Spring trends and have: raw hem, flare and rips! I picked them up in the clearance section of Forever 21... but it seems that they are no longer on clearance? Online, they're on sale for $30 CDN now, but I picked them up for $15... so check in store!

They are so comfortable and they're full of stretch! Usually I find Forever 21+ sizes to run small, but I definitely recommend sizing down if you're between sizes (like me). It's interesting to note how many compliments I've received on these jeans, because they're not at all my go-to style. If you're a long-time reader, you probably know that I am a huge fan of skinny jeans (they just fit my body type the best). However the seasons change and so do the trends, might as well embrace them! 
I'd be all for it if someone could create a time machine that would transport me back to August 1969 so I could attend Woodstock. I can only imagine how magical it would feel, among friends in a simpler time: feeding off of love, joy and camaraderie.

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