Torrid's Celestial Goddess: Plus Size Activwear

Lately, my social media has been somewhat dominated by fitness and activewear. However, I wouldn't want my blog to reflect something different than my reality, so it is what it is! Let's face it, fitness has become a huge part of my life since my Spinal Cord Injury. I am constantly at the gym or doing something active, so naturally I wear a lot of spandex. Since deciding to recap and publicize my weeks' workout gear, I have felt that I needed more options to chose from. Lately, I feel that activewear is the only thing I can justify purchasing, because I do wear it so often. A couple weeks ago, I picked up a few new pieces (including this long-coveted set) and I can't wait to share them all.
Last week, Torrid posted this picture on their Instagram account. After this was posted, I had several friends and family members text asking if it was me (including my own mother!). Sadly it was not; oh, how I wish to be featured on Torrid's Instagram! However, this inspired me to put together my own little Torrid activewear ensemble.

 I have been shopping at Torrid for years, long before they had expanded to Canada. However, I hadn't tried any of their activewear until recently, when I starting scouring my wardrobe for more diverse options. I picked up this bra (in blue) on the clearance rack last summer and didn't get a chance to wear it until last month. The print is what they call "Space Dye" (even though it doesn't feel very "space-y" to me). You can check out what the bra looks like on me here, at the bottom of my "Week 2" activewear recap. I had purchased the 2X as it was the only one left in the clearance, but really wish I had it in the 3X. There is a full back panel which kind of hurts my back if I'm being honest. However, it makes my tatas look amazing.

Due to the sizing issue with the older clearance bra, I decided to spring for the 3X this time. I'm glad I did, because the fit is perfect! It actually holds my size 42G tatas in (which is a rarity). The criss-cross (AKA "strappy lattice") back is very comfortable and does not dig into my skin. To be honest, if I sized down to a 2X, I wouldn't have felt the same way about the back. I could have gotten away with the 2X in terms of overall fit, but because numbers on tags don't trip me up... I just picked up the 3X.
Now, Torrid has a lot going on in their activewear department right now. Some noticeable trends are: mantras (think of phrases, such as "badass" & "strong"), characters and cinema (Minnie Mouse, Harry Potter, Star Trek), camouflage and of course, galaxy print.

I was researching for a previous Activewear Recap post and came across this stunning celestial print set on Torrid's website. As soon as I saw it, I knew that I had to have it. If we're friends in real life or if you follow me on Instagram, you would know that I am obsessed with the moon, sun, stars and planets (mostly due to their astrological influence). Traditional galaxy print doesn't really strike my fancy because it is so colourful. However, this monochrome set feels much more appropriate and on-brand for me. Honestly though, the moon & stars really make it for me. There is also regular galaxy print activewear on Torrid's website here.

This set is available online and in stores (Canada & USA)! Thankfully, I was able to them on to avoid any sizing mishaps. The bra is available here and (as mentioned) I am wearing the 3X. The leggings are available here and I am wearing a 2X. The leggings have a 27" inseam, which is a tad bit short for my liking, but not a deal breaker for me. I am 5'9" for reference.
For example: You can catch my ankle peeking out a little!
I've often read that Torrid's activewear runs pretty true to size, but I'm not entirely sure I feel the same way. What I recommend is that you try on their bras and leggings to make sure you feel comfortable. Try not to get caught up on the sizing. You should be able to tell how they will fit if you compare the waistband of two different styles. In those with more stretch, I wear my "normal size" (2X). However, sometimes the material Torrid uses can be quite structured and rigid. I have a pair of Size 3X Torrid active leggings that fit tighter than these. That's really the only critique I have.

In addition to their beauty and fit, this activewear set keeps well. First off, it doesn't get drenched in sweat because of the material which kind of feels like a spandex-scuba combo (it's actually 83% nylon and 17% spandex). When I left the gym feeling dry that day (I worked hard too), I was happily shocked.
I scored a great deal on this and picked up the set for 40% off (on a special promotion). However, it seems that since I purchased them, they are further discounted. At the time of this post, the leggings retail for $42 and the bra retails for $32 CDN. They seem to be on sale for 25% off right now!
I honestly think that this is the most impressive thing I've been able to do at the gym thus far. Even in my peak fitness phase (in undergrad university), I wouldn't have been able to achieve this. My arms/shoulders/chest have picked up so much slack for my legs over the past year. This is truly mind blowing, and I honestly teared up after being able to do this (even if just for 5 reps). 

Thank you so much for reading! I look forward to seeing you tomorrow, when I re-share this OOTD along side the rest of my week's gym apparel XOXO

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