What I Wore to the Gym: Plus Size Activewear (Week 4)

It seems like just yesterday that I was posting about fitness and fashion (because it was). I guess that means I am getting better at this consistency thing! If you missed it, yesterday I shared a look that will be included in this week's "Activewear Recap". It was a head-to-toe (well, ankle) Torrid look that I felt really needed to take its place in the spotlight. If you missed it, check it out here because it's an extremely in-depth review of a beautiful co-ord set. As I have mentioned on social media, I recently picked up quite a few new pieces of activewear and footwear. I purchased three pairs of Nike runners recently for $100 total (I'm such a bargain shopper).

If this is your first time reading one of these posts (by me), I must inform you of the following: I exercise multiple times per week to build strength, endurance and honestly, a routine. This is absolutely not a weight-loss thing. If you are interested in understanding a bit more about the "why", please direct yourself to my YouTube video. In this video, I discuss how I almost became paralyzed and how I was hospitalized last year.

I returned home from my mini staycation on Monday afternoon. Following this, I had an in-home essential oil massage (DoTerra products have been really influential in my sensation recovery) in the evening. I had such a busy day, that I hardly had time to visit the gym. I had to think fast and really just threw on whatever I could find because I knew that I had less than an hour for my workout.

As I was rushed, I knew that I had to pack a lot into a little time. I brought my baby weights (8LBS) to the gym and used them while simultaneously riding the recumbent bike. When I carry my weights to the gym, I don't have much free hand-space (obvs). Therefore, these Old Navy shorts with pockets(!!!) really came in handy on Monday. My undershorts are Nike (my old baseball sliders) which I basically wear to avoid flashing people. In comparison to the rest of my body, my legs are a lot smaller; therefore, shorts are often quite roomy. This is why you will almost always see me in skintight pants/shorts.

My shirt is from a previous season at Lane Bryant which I was wearing as a "day-to-day" top and not activewear until it lost its lustre (I also searched for anything remotely similar to link, but I came up short). I just threw on my slip on Champion shoes (that I link every week) and ran out the door.

The real shining star of the week is this Torrid co-ord set, which my friend Steph did a beautiful job at photographing. Working out with Steph is always a treat; she is incredibly knowledgeable and motivating. I find myself learning new techniques and exercises to safely perform in the aerobics room when we're together. However, Steph is usually focused on calisthenics and didn't have an interest in cardio that day, so I ended up slipping away to the pool toward the end of our time together. What you see in the pictures is what I actually did. Additionally, I did some core work on the mats (planks, crunches, twists, etc.) which was not photographed.

I did a full review for this look, which I published here on Tuesday (it is literally the post under this). I won't really go into much detail about the look then, but I will provide you with the direct links! The criss-cross strappy bra is available here & leggings you can find here. My similar patterned "Spring Bloom Multi" headband is from Lululemon (available here).

On Easter weekend, I picked these runners up at the Nike Outlet in Niagara Falls for about $50 CDN and I couldn't be happier with them. I have a wide foot and a high instep to begin with and in conjunction with my sensation loss, good-fitting shoes are hard to come by. The laces really open up and they are extremely comfortable in my regular size 11. They have a wide base of support which is important due to my proprioceptive issues. I seriously needed a new pair after running my last ones into the ground; these definitely fit the bill. There are white & colour versions in stores right now, and there are even more colours available online. Google "Nike Free TR6" if you're looking!

Mid-week, I was seriously lacking the energy to accomplish much. The last two weeks have brought many significant bodily changes, especially in sensation and pain tolerance. My right knee has been absolutely killing me, which is likely due to my post-op diagnosis of tendinitis. My left hip (and its bursitis diagnosis) are feeling it too. This is likely due to the overcompensation of my muscles and diversion from my chronic sciatic pain (which has unfortunately returned). I am seeing my specialist about this today (publishing day) actually.

I am wearing my old alma matter sweatpants because I knew I wouldn't be working too hard or sweating profusely.  I noticed that my average cycling time/tolerance was cut by 75% due to knee pain and had to switch to walking on the treadmill with the slightest incline. My tank top is from Penningtons, but was off the clearance rack in the winter (I always size down in Penningtons activewear BTW). The highlight of the outfit are probably my Nike Training runners "In Season TR7" which can be found in multiple colours here at DSW (also at Nike Outlets). These too have a great base of support, which is crucial! They are also comfortable and roomy enough in my usual size 11.

Thursday was a pretty great gym day! I'm sure this is because again, I went with my gym buddy, Steph. Steph is a nurse but also has personal training experience and that has been really beneficial during my recovery. I have sustained many gym injuries since my fall in January 2014, so it is nice to be around someone who knows what they are doing (especially because my body is so fragile). We spent most of the time in my aerobics room doing every calisthenic exercise under the sun. I also managed to squeeze in a bit of restorative yoga.

Steph didn't feel like doing cardio (again LOL), so after she left, I went back down to hop on the bike.  I am wearing my trusty NOLA leggings from Addition Elle. I have posted about them multiple times on here.. but I have found a link this time around for the same pair (in a different colour). Jordyn Woods released a collection with Addition Elle last December and these leggings are from her line! The print is a bit abstract; however, they are reversible and they other side is grey. However, I always make the mistake of wearing these leggings on the bike because they get pretty tight while sitting.
I picked up this activewear top at Torrid recently because I finally threw out my awfully large NOLA top with a built-in bra (which I have worn and complained about multiple times if you have been following these posts). Essentially, I was needing a replacement and I found a great one! I loved this shirt-bra combo so much when I purchased it. Unfortunately, the bra was hanging on by a thread so I just decided to remove it. It is now two separates (which is a great bang for your buck if you ask me), but was not really what I was seeking to replace. Regardless, this bra is amazing. I would recommend just cutting out the bra if you're looking for one that's black, simple and actually keeps the tatas secure.
showing off my scar

My body was feeling a bit better, but it still wasn't perfect. I spent most of my time on the treadmill, slowly chipping away at the incline and and increase of speed. I also worked on my balance via our pulley system.  I kept my outfit pretty simple and didn't wear anything that was new. I had on my Old Navy top with a built-in-bra; it is from so many years ago and it should probably go to the grave with my other NOLA shirt. If anyone has any recommendations for activewear shirts with built-in-bras for plus size babes, let me know please!

My leggings are the same NOLA pair from Thursday (I have two pairs) and I just reversed them for the grey side. My old teal Nike's were calling to me for the colour combo. My zipup sweater is from Addition Elle (previous season) which was needed due to the lack of support in the built-in-bra and use of the pulleys.
Thanks for reading! Remember, this is not about weight loss. Please don't prescribe to diet or weight-loss culture. This is about health, both physical and emotional. See you next week for the 5th instalment! XOXO

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