Sunscreen, Your #1 Summer Priority

Hi everyone! I apologize for the lack of posting lately. What a year 2017 has been so far. My life is unbelievably hectic right now, as I prepare myself to return to some form of normalcy. Also, I am working on a re-vamp of my blog as I am not very happy with its current setup. I hope you all can understand!  I have been spending a lot of time at my pool this summer. I suppose even more than last, which is pretty surprising (since I felt like I was always there). Now, I find myself there at least three times per week and as often as five! Part of my Spinal Cord Injury recovery is to maintain as much physical activity as possible. I have taken on swimming as part of my exercise regime for many reasons. First and foremost, I am such a water baby (Scorpio 4eva). Water also has amazing therapeutic benefits! Due to some of my limitations, the water facilitates the perfect environment for me to get my exercise on (weightlessness ftw).  What does swimming have to do with beauty, you might a…

Urgent Blog Update

Unfortunately, the photo hosting website that I have been using has decided that I no longer pay enough to have my images hosted there. At this point, they replaced every one of my photos with their advert/logo until I coughed up an absurd amount of money.

I sincerely apologize to anyone that has seen my blog in this state. I am embarrassed, as this is not the quality of work that I intent to create or share. As of now, my blog is Under Construction. I am working diligently to get up and running once again. I will replace, restore and/or re-upload content as I see fit. Also, stay tuned for some exciting new announcements over the next month! I can't wait to share what ideas have been brewing, which partnerships have been established and more.

I can't wait to share more of my life with you all! I created Erica Exposed as a platform to reach the widest audience possible and to share my self-love and confidence journey. I am eager to share my Spinal Cord Injury story and my road…

Canada 150: Our Home ON Native Land

Today is Canada's "150th" birthday. It has been marketed as "Canada 150" and it is a pretty big deal here. A century and a half is a long time, but what about the number of centuries before the confederation and colonization? Today, there are celebrations in both small towns and large cities. Ottawa, our Nation's capital is hosting the bulk of the celebrations. However, Toronto is just as booming and oozing with Canadian Pride. For example, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (our mediocre, but most attractive PM to date ~ this is why everyone thinks he's such a dreamboat) has erected a massive rubber ducky on the Toronto Harbour front to increase tourism (see here). 

 Lately, I have been reflecting on what being Canadian means to me. I feel that not speaking up about something so important as Indigenous culture and rights, especially on a day like today, would be disingenuous. For many First Nations communities, Canada today, exists on stolen land. 
In ele…

2013: My Blogging Year in Review

Since it's always fun to jump on the bandwagon when everyone else is doing something, I too decided to summarize my year of blogging for you as we approach 2014 at midnight tonight!
First off, I have to say that this year has been a truly amazing one for me. I have accomplished so much with the help of so many lovely individuals, and I truly owe a lot of my success thus far to these unofficial sponsors of my life and blog! I only hope that 2014 brings me as much success and happiness as 2013 and that I can continue to expand Erica Exposed to be a major Canadian plus fashion blog!
What I accomplished in 2013: Started blogging officially and transitioned my blog from a Tumblr account to BloggerTook on a new persona and transformed myself from Big and the Beautiful to Erica Exposed (and registered my first domain name!Started doing some plus size modelling in Toronto, including:
- Walked in my first adult fashion show: The Fuller Woman Expo (Fun Fact: I was a child model!)
- Took part …

12 Days of Curvemas: 12 Heads a Turning

It's the final day of Curvemas, and I have to say that I am sad to see it go! These last twelve days have been extremely challenging for me; however, I have had so much fun blogging each day of outfits for you. These series of posts have kept me on my toes and encouraged me to blog more often, which is something I should probably do regardless. I am a Master's student though, so the school year does tend to get extremely busy and stressful... but that is my New Years Resolution to you, to blog more frequently.
For today's post, I am delighted to feature one of my favourite Canadian designers, Nina Bitton (my blog post about their launch party here) that is now available at Gussied Up+ in Toronto. Honestly, when Victoria (the owner of Gussied Up) suggested that I try on the Olivia dress by Nina Bitton, I was a bit hesitant. I know that NB uses a fit model 16 and I am an 18/20 so I was nervous about how the 18  or 20 would fit me. After slipping on the Olivia with a bit of …

12 Days of Curvemas: 11 Boys a Staring

It's the 11th day of Curvemas and I can't believe that these last couple weeks have been moving so quickly! Unfortunately, tomorrow is going to be the 12th day of Curvemas, but I have a gorgeous outfit saved to show you all tomorrow!
Since it's Friday night, today's featured outfit from Gussied Up+ is perfect for a last-minute holiday party or night on the town! I saw the dress (available here) I'm wearing online before I saw it in-store, and I knew it would end up in my wardrobe. If you're in need of an awesome holiday dress that can also be worn to work (that's how I justified it anyway), I would definitely recommend this one from Gussied Up. It has a high neck, so it is a bit more winterized than the average dress, which is pretty cool. It also comes in your choice of black or wine (obviously I chose wine) which is great. The only thing I would have to say about the dress, is definitely size up if you are busty. The 2X fit me in the waist, but so did th…

12 Days of Curvemas: 10 Sparkles Gleaming

It's Day 10 of Curvemas, which only means I have another great style to feature today from Gussied Up+ in Toronto. For today's post, I decided to pick an outfit that is work appropriate (as it is a Thursday) but can also be worn after work to a holiday dinner or drinks with friends. It's super versatile, but it is also very unique (which I love!). I was immediately drawn to this black high-low peplum top (available here) when I visited the store. I'm on the hunt for a seriously H-O-T New Years outfit, and I have to say that this top was definitely a contender. I ended up opting for tomorrow's outfit though, so you'll have to visit the blog again tomorrow to see that! I added the same jeans from yesterday's post, because they aren't too casual, or too formal, which add to the outfit's versatility. I also decided to pair the top with the F3 Tuxedo Blazer (available here). As you may know, I love F3 designs (see me in their leather stripe leggings her…